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Samaritan Revival is a Christian singing group that sings many types of music including Southern Gospel. The only difference is that we sing in spanish. We travel throughout the U.S singing in mostly english speaking churches singing in spanish with the english words on a screen. In March, we start a 100 city tour through the United States.

We signed a distribution deal with New Day Christian Distributors out of Nashville and we have recorded three albums. We will be recording our fourth this coming March of 2010.

For more information, you can contact us at philip@samaritanrevival.com for booking information.

My Faith

Many years ago, I came to realize that nothing matters in this world if we do not serve Christ in some way. My father, Bob Tyson, always said "I believe in Eternal Security, I really do but once you get saved, what are you going to do for God". These words have always impacted my life. There are so many people hurting throughout the world and only Christ can heal their wounds. In August 2007, God placed a burden on my heart to start a ministry that could show the Love that God has for everyone through music. This is where the Samaritan Revival group started. At first, we met in a Church in Honduras holding devotionals but now our group is traveling all over the world ministering through music and praise. Mathew 24:14 says "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." We must preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not a favor that we are doing for the Lord, it is a commandment that God has given to all of us. I have seen many tears shed at the altar during our concerts and crusades and it is so wonderful to see burdens being left at the altar. After just three months, the Samaritan Revival group recorded their first album called "This is how I want to live". Two months later, we went on tour in the U.S. to over 60 cities. We were receiving so many invitations to sing in so many Churches around America that we could not visit them all. In March of 2008. we had the privilidge of recording our second album at Daywind Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. This Cd was tittled "Who am I". We had realized by then where God was leading us with our music. So many beautiful songs throughout the years have been written for english speaking people but the latin community could not be blessed from these songs because many have never been translated into spanish. After much prayer, we decided to translate and record beautiful Christian Music that was once recorded only for english speaking people into spanish. We chose groups like Mercyme, Casting Crowns, and music written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. After receiving permission, we set out to record these songs into spanish. Churches in the U.S. are now using our group to hold bi-lengual services and God is truly blessing. In October of 2008, we received an incredible blessing from the Lord. New Day Christian Distribution decided to distribute our music in stores all over the U.S. Just imagine that our group was celebrating our first year anniversary and God has opened up more doors than we could ever imagine. No matter how many blessings comes our way, our purpose will never change. To win lost souls for Christ and through our music and message, bring christians closer to the Lord. Through crusades, evangelistic meetings, christian concerts, and revivals, our purpose is to open the eyes of the lost to a saviour that loves them so much that He would die on the cross for them. Our purpose is to open the eyes of christians who have fallen into a state of spiritual sleep, to wake up and start serving the Lord. Can you imagine what would happen if all the christians in the world would start ministering to others? Everyone person in this cruel world would know about Christ and as Mathew 24:14 says "and then shall the end come". This means that Jesus would return for us. Please keep our ministry in your prayers and we hope to see you soon. Philip Tyson Samaritan Revival

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Romans 8:1

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