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The Truth About The Trinity

Monica Dennington

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Welcome to Session One of Tic Toc Ministries groundbreaking seminar, The Seven Spirits Of God! In this session, The Truth About The Trinity, Monica Dennington kicks off the series by examining the critical question: Do you have to believe in the trinity in order to be a Christian? Join Monica as she goes straight to the Bible for the definitive answer to this question, as well as a glimpse of what is to come in this exciting series.


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  1. soldierofchrist4ever24soldierofchrist4ever24 (8 years ago):
    also he says in the same gospel when i leave i will send the comforter so he clearly teaches father son and holyspirit. i am not debating just shooting a point across have a good week and God bless, in Christ, bro,Travis

  2. soldierofchrist4ever24soldierofchrist4ever24 (8 years ago):
    i am going to be as positive as possible, the word homosexual is not in the bible but mankind laying with mankind what is that? my point being the word bible is not in the bible. same with homosexual but the teaching is there, we have salvation upon faith in Christ. but saying the trinity teaching is not in the bible is false. you go to john Christ him self says i and the Father are one,

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Speaker/Artist: Monica Dennington
Video title: The Truth About The Trinity
Category: Bible Study
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