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To honor and thank early Internet ministry pioneers Mark B. and Marc H. for their work on the original website, we are leaving several of the original webpages on-line, such as the one below. You may find that some of the links on this page may no longer work and may be out-dated (circa 1999-2008), and we have no plans to update these links but are leaving "as is".

We hope you enjoy the new video site, but also that these original MyFaith webpages will continue to be a blessing to you.

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A R E   Y O U   G O I N G   T O   H E A V E N ?     W A T C H   O N L I N E   V I D E O !


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          ~Reliability of Scripture, Doctrine, Evidences, Faith, Living


      Ankerberg Research....Online TV show, Articles, Books

      Answers To Tough Questions....Helpful Biblical Answers

      Bible Q's & Supposed Contradictions....Topical Q & A's

      CARM - Apologetics....Objections/Difficulties, Heresy, Cults

      Christian Answers....Easy-To-Understand Biblical Answers 

      Christian Research Institute....Articles, Online Radio

      Discovery - Topical Studies....Online Study Booklets

      Eternal Perspectives....Christian Living / Life Issues Q&A
      Evidence of God....Questions & Answers / Great Books 
      Evidence for God....Very Helpful Articles on many Topics 
      Faith Facts....Online Questions & Answers  
      False Teachings....False Teachings in the Church 
      MegaBible....Bible Studies & Tools.  Study & Hear the Bible!  
      Online Guidance....Life Issues Q&A
      Probe Ministries....Biblical View of Current Issues, Theology
      Prophecy Profile....Prophecy Links/ Prophecies Fulfilled   
      Reaching Catholics....Articles, Links & Webcasts    
      Reasoning From the Scriptures....Articles and Q&A  
      Reasons To Believe (RBC)....10 Reasons for Belief in...
      Stand To Reason....Intellectual Articles, Online Radio 
      Understanding Homosexuality....A Biblical Perspective 

           ~Cults: Mormons, Jeh. Witnes., New Age;  World Religions

      Ankerberg Research....Articles / Webcast / Resources
      Apologetics Index....Cults, Sects, Movements, Doctrines
      Answering Islam....Contrasting Christian and Muslim Beliefs
      CARM - Apologetics....Relig. Movements, Cults, Doctrine
      Christian Answers....World Religion & Cult Info. (beginners)
      Christian Research Institute....Articles/Webcast/Books
      Chr. World Apologetics....Links to New Age, Cult Sites 
      Defending The Faith....Apologetics Article Database 
      Effective Evangelism....w/ Other Religious Groups & Cultists 
      Evidence for God....Very Helpful Articles on many Topics 
      Inst. for Religious Research....Investigating Cultic Claims  
      MacGregor Ministries....Cult Research Articles & Audios 
      Mormonism Research....Comprehensive Online Research 
      Probe Ministries....Cult & World Religion Research Articles  
      Reaching Catholics....Articles, Links & Webcasts    
      Reasoning From the Scriptures....Cult Research Articles
      Watchman Fellowship....Cult Research Articles & Resources
      World Religion Index....World Religion & Cult Comparisons 

~Creation Evidences, Science Papers, Evolution Refutation
(NOTE: Some Creationists teach the world was created in six "Day-Ages," 
          instead of six literal days. We believe the Bible clearly teaches the literal view.)

      Creation Science Evangelism....Web Videos / Articles 
      Answers In Genesis....Evolution Articles/ Online Radio
      Ankerberg Research....Evolution Articles/ Online TV Show
      Christian Answers....Creation vs. Evolution (for beginners) 
      Origins....Creation/Evolution Articles from Leadership U 
      Christian Research Institute...Search Articles: Evolution
      Center For Scientific Creation....Creation Research 
      Probe Ministries....Creation/Evolution Article Database 
      Creation Research Society....Detailed Scientific Study
      Evidence of God....Creation/Evolut. Q&A / Books & Video 
      Evidence for God....Very Helpful Articles on many Topics 
      Institute for Creation Research....Articles / Webcast 
      Intel. Design & Evolut. Awareness....IDEA Clubs/ Info.
      Reasons To Believe (Hugh Ross)....Webcast/Creation Rsrch.
      Mid West Creation
      Creation Moments daily radio broadcast-online catalog-articles
      Other Creation Links....Six Literal Days & Other Topics

      Bible Prophecy Links
  Eternal Security of the Believer
  Online Evangelism Training, Tracts, Books, Videos
      Resources for Defending the Faith ~ Christian Research Institute
      Evang./ World Relig./ Cult Outreach Rescs. ~ N.A. Mission Board
      Read, Study, Research & Listen to the Bible Online
      Understanding Homosexuality from a Biblical Perspective
      Online Audio Messages on Hermeneutics & Chr. Evidences




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