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Welcome to the Site Preview!!!

First, a little about MyFaith. This is a new kind of video sharing site. Every video on MyFaith is on YouTube. We believe the Church must share the Good News of Jesus and the truths of the Bible with the world, and therefore when you add videos to MyFaith you are adding them to YouTube at the same time.

This is a fresh new approach. In the past, pastors and Christian leaders have wanted to get video on-line and reach the world, but were hesitant to point their congregations to YouTube because of other content on there. So what happened? Several "Christian YouTube" sites sprang up, and Christians flocked to them. That is great, but what about reaching the world? Over 100 million people are on YouTube every month, and YouTube is easily accessible on the iPhone and other mobile devices. Shouldn't the Church be on YouTube?

Yes, we believe the Church should be on YouTube! But there is also nothing wrong with having a place where Christ-followers (Christians) can watch video without worrying about what else they might see. So rather than fighting against YouTube, MyFaith uploads your videos to YouTube. With one upload, ministries and music artists can reach Christ-followers on MyFaith and the world on YouTube!

During this site preview period, we need your help and feedback. Here is what you can do...

1) Register on the site. You should receive an email welcoming you, and you will need to click the link in that email to activate your account. Go ahead and upload a profile picture and complete your profile. We tried to keep the profiles pretty basic on purpose- let us know how you like that.

2) Watch videos. Check out how the site works, watch some of the sermons and other video. Add some videos to your favorites. Rate some videos and add some comments. Bookmark a video in Facebook, Google, del.iciou.us, or StumbleUpon (look for the "Bookmark Video" icons). Basically, use the site and let us know your thoughts.

3) Become a Broadcaster and Add videos. Are you a church, ministry, or music artist? Do you have videos already on YouTube? If so, please apply to become a MyFaith Broadcaster. Click "Become a Broadcaster" on the menu and follow the instructions. Make sure you are the owner/copyright holder or have their permission before uploading videos (see the YouTube Terms of Service).

4) Give us your feedback. You can email us at admin (at) myfaith.com or there is a discussion item in the Facebook group entitled "BETA TESTERS - Please provide feedback here". Please let us know if you had any issues with anything, if anything was unclear, or if you have any other comments about the site.


The site is in "Not Even Beta" which means we are still working on it. There are several things we are still working on, so if you see something not working correctly please let us know.

Also, please encourage your friends to visit MyFaith and invite your friends to the Facebook Group.

Thank you in advance for testing and giving your feedback! May God bless you, your family and your ministry!