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John Hodge.
Hodge Global Internet Technologies.
St.Louis Child Crimes Technologies.
The ChildFind Foundation.
American Bounty Hunters MySpace.
Fugitive Recovery Specialist.

My Faith

God is my Daily Encouragement and I Have Dedicated all my Time to Help all of God Little Children,Because I was Struct Down With Bi-Polar Maniac Depression and ADDHD. And Become Very Ill at the Age of 11 and Later on in My Life at The Age of 24 I Was Drinking and Druging Because I Did Not Know I Was Pi-Polar and Manic Depression. My Life Was So Messed Up and I Got Down on my Knees 1 Knight and Pleaded with GOD. I Told GOD if He Would Heel me I Would Dedicate All My Time to Missing Kids and Child Predators and Baby Rapers on the Internet.

My Verse

John 3:16 Psalm 91:11

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